• Your Formative Years

    Your Formative Years

    Someone once told me, the biggest mistake you can ever make is to think you should have your life figured out already. Well, I asked, shouldn’t I have my life figured out already? I mean there should at least be a plan or a motion set in place that l can follow, I am not […]

  • 2018: Be Intentional

    2018: Be Intentional

    Like every year takes it toil and comes to an end, like every season has a timeline, and as every beautiful, and ugly thing has a clock on it, 2017 has come to an end. Like every year, it has taught us all lessons in form of pain, trials, temptations, victories, failures, and success. I […]

  • What and Where do you Escape to?

    What and Where do you Escape to?

    As l daily die to myself, and l find myself in the one who loves me, l still struggle with being in control of my life. Recently, l started my 401k benefit pretax (Thank you Dave Ramsey),  and l must tell you l nearly had an heart-attack. My paycheck was cut than the ordinary,and the […]

  • Everything Will Find It’s Place

    Everything Will Find It’s Place

    Everything will find its place Seasons will fall into lines The sky will remain golden The sun will rise in its glory The moon will shine in its splendor Though the trees might wither Their leaves gone with the wind Winter might scream in its season Yet you remind us in this season Just a […]

  • Is your mind noisy?

    Is your mind noisy?

    I had a noisy mind, one that could be likened to the loud sound of clashing cymbals with no rhythm and soul. I shut a lot of people out of my territory, I couldn’t be bothered about the outside seeing as I was barely managing the noise on the inside. It was important to me […]