The Birthing

……because we have to repeatedly pass through fire to be continually refined into Gold


Stirredbylife was conceived in a very hard year. It is safe to say that it was the toughest year of my life. Unlike normal pregnancies that have a fixed timeline, l struggled with birthing her. Every time l felt contractions, l held it in, and gave myself two or three reasons not to push. Eventually, l came to know that l will never run out of excuses to birth, and my excuses were always going to be tenable. 

One of the many struggles I had with birthing was sharing the bits and stories from my personal life. However, I know God did not take me through all my pain and experiences, in order that I be silent. I also knew this would keep me accountable to walking the talk, and leaning in to the Holy Spirit more than ever before for help. It is my prayer that each post will not bring any condemnation, but bring conviction that there is a God who is especially fond of us, and who desperately loves us, no matter how far gone we are. We are never alone physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He is with us for eternity.

These posts will challenge your relationship with God, your faith when life happens, it will encourage your inner spirit to keep going in the midst of pain, it will challenge some of your thoughts, and eventually, it shall open your eyes to how much freedom is found in surrendering, how much God loves us, never leaves us alone, and refines us, continually, as we journey through life.

Welcome again, and may we be refined as we walk through life in his refining fire!!